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Intineraris Andorra mountain, mountain walks.

Hello, welcome hikers HEN created this website to share our AFCI in the mountains with you.
In these pages you will find descriptions of excursions to do on foot (with or without snow) and skiing, with an explanation of the route, schedules, etc.. Whenever things are not too complicated.
Then find 16 hiking trails and the most beautiful peaks in our small country, Andorra.

Each review contains the following information:


LOCATION: indicates' the place of sutida

TIME: duration of the tour. It is merely indicative and may vary from the amount and snow, many people, etc..

HEIGHT: altitude in meters of ascent.

DIFFICULTY: The difficulty comes from several factors: technical difficulties (such as stretches of climbing steep slope or in the case of the ski), a high slope, the duration of the trip, or a combination of several. The rating given is subjective and should only be taking in regard Range.

DESCRIPTION: Brief description of the route followed, noting the main points of reference.

MAP: a map of the route with ridges.

Pic de la Roca Entravessada - Excursions Andorra- Hotel Univers Encamp

We also plan to have a walk some of them cultural, which are very nice and available to everyone.



Andorra is a country where you will find many lakes. This is why we present our major excursions lakes. How many trips to the lakes Andorra already on trips to the mountains, we present the list of which appear on other tracks.


Negra  and  Truites Lake                      Peak Comapedrosa

Lake Forcats                                          Peak  Medacorba

Lake Tristaina                                        Peak  Tristaina

Lake  Estanyó                                       PeakEstanyo

Lake Juclar                                            Peak Escoves

Lake  Montmalús                                  Peak Montmalús

 Lakes Pessons                                    Peak  Pessons

 Lakes  MeligaIlle                                 Peak Ensagents

lakes Isla et  Bova                               Vall del Madriu


Lake Andorra - Hotel Univers Encamp 

Parc Natural del Comapedrosa

Parc Natural de Sorteny

Parc Natural de la Vall del Madriu

Temps a Andorra

fecebook hotel Univers Encamp

Being a small and friendly mountain hotel allows us to offer a personal touch that will make you feel at home, taste and attention to detail, diversity of services and product quality of our restaurant, leaves nothing to the chance that during your stay, you can make the most of his time skiing, mountain walks and relaxation. We organize any trip, whether skiing, snowshoeing in winter and escursions our lakes and peaks, and tanve 4x4 in the summer.
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