Way of Lake Engolasters



Way of Lake Engolasters

Medium difficulty route between the parking lot and Engolasters La Mola.
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The input path is indicated by a sign with the words "White River Road." The climb starts steep stairs and follow the path to the variant of Encamp. Continue the path tracing the edges of fields to get to the source of the White River. Here there is a sign with the inscription "Engolasters Way" and from that point initiate a sustained rise inside the forest to the hut Crespo, culminating a stretch to flatter Engolasters lake .

In Engolasters lake fishing are the brown trout, which is the native species in the area. Until recently repopulated with rainbow trout, another kind of beginning, but now the high voracity of this species which has repopulated with would. Palates experts recognize the difference and stand delight.

In this place we are able to make way Hydroelectric Engolasters . We take a guided tour through the history of electricity and Andorra, suitable for all ages, in a unique natural environment, where they discover how it began producing electricity in Andorra visiting the bowels of the dam Engolasters walking over the channels that collect water from rivers, and going to the 1930 truck transport.

In this link you will find more information about the Museum of Electricity .


Level of difficulty: medium

Altitude: 360 m

Approx.: 1 ½

Start Point: parking Mola


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