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Location: San Armengol Andorra                                               Time: 1 hour 30 minutes one way.
Elevation: 100 m.
Difficulty: Easy del Rec del sola Andorra.jpg del Sola 2.jpg 

Our tour begins in the College of Saint Ermengol Andorra la Vella. The split into two sections. The first Santa Coloma in the direction toward the second La Massana.


The first section takes about an hour. The road runs along a canal that was built in 1880 and used to irrigate the orchards in the form of terraces. The way all banks have to rest, to be fully illuminated and can be done even at night. All along the way, we'll find any signs explaining the transformation of agricultural and urban expansion, the topography of the valley and the landscape of scree down the Peak carts.


The second section, which begins at the same college of Saint Ermengol but a street below where does the first, is indicated by a wooden sign puts Rec del Solà Road and Bridge Plan. This section also illuminated canal is wider and goes underground. The approximate duration is 45 mn in the first leg. Once in the tunnel passes through the shoe metal stairs below the road and continue until you reach a small Renclusa that collects water from irrigation.


At this point, we can continue to a crossroads. Following the path straight ahead about 150 meters further there is the chapel of San Antonio near the southern entrance to the tunnels of La Massana. Returning to the junction and take the bridge is on the right path to take us to the bridge, and the Hermitage of San Antonio in the Grid.


This path is very shady and we find deciduous trees. Follow Valira River North.

Natural Park  Comapedrosa

  Natural Park  Sorteny

 Natural Park Vall del Madriu

Meteorology Andorra

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