Road tour of Nerea



Circular   route

Sotida      Coll d'Ordino

8km          route.

Altitude    198 m.

Time         3 hours.
 Excursions de muntanya hotel Univers d'Encamp Andorra
Come to the Tomb of the way inter Nerea. Will explain the flora and fauna characteristic. A circular route and many possibilities. Do not miss it, is a route to enjoy.

Basic Information: This tour of 8 km and a height of 198 meters, lasting approx. From 3 pm It runs through the woods and meadows of the parish of Canillo, Encamp, Ordino and La Massana.

Circular Route: One way you can start from various points. We recommend entering the Coll d'Ordino, toward the side of Canillo, for its accessibility.

Many possibilities: It is a route you can enjoy the fun. To explore the vegetation, fauna and landscapes. An ideal route for children, if you choose to stretch and admire the great landscapes. Allied is also a route for athletes.

Recommended: easily find the start of the trail is marked with a sign, including a map and legend. From the beginning we can see the orientation table view. We enter the forest area Canillo the cough. A forest is ideal for searching for mushrooms, I suggest you fill the water bottles of water to see the source, since the point is located near the source of Mallol, La Massana. Continue along the road and pass the Forest Flat White in the area of ​​Solana Encamp. From here you can see incredible views of the town and area Bartra. We surprised the unique views of the lake from the road and Engolasters Pardines. Following this forest come to La Massana and the side we enter the Forest of the Plain, the way we will be surrounded by pine and birch. In this way we get to the source Mallol, we sit at picnic area equipped with grills. Remade forces, we head to the Collada de Estall, a large open meadow. From this we see a forest meadow is where you need to log in to Road Tomb of Nerea. Since the Collada Estall enter the forest area in the Coll d'Ordino ondinenc. In this section, we find fir can reach 24 m On high, among other things. We will link the GR that if we will take up the picnic area of ​​the Source of Navin equipped. If we continue, we reach the starting point of the Coll d'Ordino with its orientation table view and the way to Casamanya Peak, a peak of more central and emblematic of the country (2740 m)

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