Estanys de montmantel




      0 h: Arinsal - Torrent Ribal 1.580 m
Set off from the picnic spot at the foot of Ribal waterfall.

0.40 h: Borda de les Agunes 1.790 m
Following the ample, 5-metre-wide track, you reach the Agunes farmhouse and spring of the same name.

1 h: Bordes de la Coruvilla 1.880 m
From these farmhouses, there are splendid views across Arinsal and the La Massana valley.

1.40 h: Pla de l'Estany - Refugi Joan Canut 2.080m
From Pla de l'Estany and Joan Canut refuge, follow the path from the foot of the narrow ravine towards the river Montmantell.

2.50 h: Font de Montmantell 2.410 m
Via a well-marked, if steep, path along the river Montmantell, you get to the spring of the same name.

3.30 h: Metal hut
Leaving the spring and the path to Collada de Montmantell behind, take the left-hand path to a small, metal shelter for hunters, lying below the lakes.

3.40 h: Estanys de Montmantell 2.630 m - 2.670 m
Some of the last lakes to lose their covering of ice and snow at the end of the Winter, this is a wild, bitter environment, but nevertheless remarkably beautiful. Carry on towards the Port d'Arinsal at 2.735 m.


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