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The shelters Andorra accommodation for the hikers are located in places of great beauty or beside ponds and a fairly wide distribution in the territory. Despite not being watched, they are solid and are regularly cleaned and painted. Virtually all have a fireplace, bunk beds, table and have water and firewood. Many shelters have a capacity of 4 to 10, with part closed to pastoralists, although some of them can accommodate 20 to 60 people.

The shelters are open all year and are free. However, maintenance (cleaning, firewood, first aid kit ...) is performed more frequently during the summer.

The only refuge of the saved s'0n Comapedrosa tel. (00376) 327 955, and Juclar


Living Enclar

Refuge Francolí 1850 m. 6 people

Refuge from Cortals of Sispony 1660 m. 60 seats

Comapedrosa - Cateperdis

Refuge Comapedrosa 2260 m. 60 seats

John Canut Refuge Pla of the Estany 2050 m. 6 people

Refuge lakes Forcats 2642 m. 10 places

Refuge of Fons  2200 m. 6 people

Refuge Argonella 2240 m. 6 people

Tristaina - White Power

Refuge from Etangs Fourcats Arièje 2445 m. 50 places

Refuge Rialb 1995 m. 6 people

Serrera-tin - Casamanya

Borda Sorteny 1969 m. 25 seats

Refuge Coma Obaga 2020 m. 15 places

Refuge La Vall del Riu 2165 m. 10 places

Safe Coms Jan 2217 m CMOS 10 places

Deaf Refuge Cabana sorda 2295 m. 20 places

Anrodat-Escobar - Cabaneta

Refuge Juclar 2320 m. 50 places

Refuge Siscaró 2150 m. 10 places

Refuge Portella 2265 m. 6 people

Envalira-Pessons - hut

Refuge de la Riba Escorjada 2075 m. 6 people

Shelter Pla Pedres 2150 m. 5 people

Refuge Montmalús 2445 m. 10 places

Refuge Ensagents 2425 m. 14 places

Refuge of Agols 2230 m. 6 people

Refuge Fontverd 1880 m. 14 places

River Refuge of Orri 2230 m. 6 people

Refuge Illa 2480 m. 60 seats

Perafita - Claror

Refuge Perafita 2200 m. 6 people

Refuge of the East. La Pera Cerdanya 2354 m. 42 places

Refuge Claror 2280 m. 20 places

Refugio de Prat Primer 2230 m. 6 people

Refuge of the Roca de las Primes 2158 m. 10 places

Refuguis d'Andorra hotel Univers Encamp 

 Natural Park  Comapedrosa

 Natural Park  Sorteny

 Natural Park Vall del Madriu

Meteorology Andorra

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