Lake del Siscaro i les Canals Roiges


Location: Incles Valley (Parroquia de Canillo)

Slope: m

Time: 2h 00mn.

Difficulty: Easy.


 Estany de les Canals Roiges Hotel Univers Encamp

Lake Siscaro Hotel Univers Encamp Andorra

Starting point of the bottom of the Incles Valley. We will follow a trail and after about 15 minutes to reach a picnic area, where we find two signs on the left indicates the path of Juclar lakes and on the right path Siscaró.


Take the right and then follow the trail along the river that was forming some beautiful waterfalls. In one hour we arrive at a fold where one finds refuge Siscaró which the leave to the left, go back and stepped up to reach a low of Siscaró pond. This pond is full of reeds called a siscall. Bordering the lake in a northerly direction and after about 15 minutes to reach the pond from where the Red Channels enjoy an excellent view of the mountains that surround us.

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