Location: Cortals Encamp


Time: 3 h 00 min return

Difficulty: Easy d'Ensagents.jpg Moreno.jpg 

Starting point of the three Borda. After the church of St. James Cortals, about 500 meters after a curve to the right will find a wooden rail and a sign showing us the way Ensagents.

We will continue this path soon enters a pine forest until you reach a clearing where we see a stone wall for livestock. At the end of this clearing we find a crossroad that tells us the path of the Key Step Ensagents straight and you need to turn left. Take the latter and follow the path that returns to delve into in the forest. Reach a point where the path leaves the forest and see a large stone wall. We follow the path that zigzags up to go through the bottom of this great stone wall that is left. Save this drop, immediately come to the shelter Ensagents (2h 30 min). To reach the lake, follow a path not too evident in NE direction, following the stream. Some goals will help us find the stone path. The first lake, situated at 2526 m. (2h 50mm) is the smallest. The bordering the left and soon reach the second lake (2535 m). Follow the left side not too clear a path and reach the upper lake, the largest of all (3h 00mn), dominated by the majestic silhouette of the High Griu.


To go Estany Moreno, we need to turn right for a trail, before reaching the wall of granite located in the left corner.

Suffice to say, if you arrived at the shelter we get closer to the bottom of the valley towards the Collada Pessons even find two more ponds.


The Ensagents circle surrounded by the High Griu Ensagents Peak and Peak Pessons is one of the most wild and lonely valleys of Andorra.

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