Lake Cabana Sorda

Location: Vall Incles

Altitude: 477m.

Time: 1h 30mn.

Difficulty: Easy

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The starting point is located on the left side of the road Incles Valley where you will find a wooden sign indicating the path Cabana Sorda. Then climb a meadow along the stream that we cross before reaching the forest. We go into the forest of black pine with a well marked path down to the river meadows before the Cabana Sorda. Continue in the same direction to cross the River Cabana Sorda. Pending a stepped climb where there is a small waterfall just before the shelter a few meters from the lake.

The lake is located in the Cabana Sorda foot peak of Coma of rods. You can enjoy a magnificent view and Juclar Siscaró. In summer, we often find horses grazing. It is a very easy and relatively short trip to do with family.

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