Path of Ruta del Ferro Ordino

Intineraris Andorra mountain, mountain walks


Distance: 2500 m
Altitude: 100 m.
Difficulty: nil. For all ages.

Ruta del Ferro - Excursions a Andorra - Hotel Univers a Encamp 

Ruta del Ferro Ordino - Excursions Andorra - Hotel Univers Encamp 


We leave the village of Ordino Arcalis direction. At the exit of Saint Catherine, where you will find a car parked car. Together, we will find the entrance of an old iron mine. The road, formerly used to transport the material to the old forge and the forge Rossell Ordino La Massana. It is now a cultural route of almost 2.5 km. Along the way we find 7-iron sculptures by artists from different countries. About 50 meters below there is a small bridge with a sculpture of a chariot and beyond iron. The road was along for 1.5 km to reach the end of the trip to St. Martin of Cortinada. It is a very pleasant and easy walk for all ages.

Natural Park  Comapedrosa

  Natural Park  Sorteny

 Natural Park Vall del Madriu

Meteorology Andorra

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