Peak Alt del Griu (2.876 m.)

Intineraris Andorra mountain, mountain walks.

Location: Cortals Encamp
Time: 3h 00mn round.
Altitude: 986 m.
Difficulty: Medium


Pic Alt del Griu,excursions hotel Univers Encamp Andorra
Alt del Griu Hotel Univers Encamp Andorra

Several routes are possible, but what you propose is certainly easier.

Climb Cortals the road just before reaching the picnic area, take a track that goes to the right and get to the bottom, where there is a small yard to park the car. Find a wooden sign indicating the path of Forest Campea. Follow the path that goes away and hard to reach sources of Campea. Then the trail up to the right and we have to leave it for the right and keep climbing through the forest. Gradually, the forest will esclarissant to disappear.

Leaving the forest behind and in between we see a buttress of granite blocks. Bordered by a left before reaching the summit of Entinyola Collada. We follow the ridge to above, re-expand to reach the top.

Since Alt Griu see lakes Ensagents one hand and the other lakes Emportona whole valley with Cortals Encamp, the Bullets and Cubil Ensagents and the grand Casamanya .

In winter, when left to do as it is a windy summit, will enjoy a wonderful fall and for the more adventurous, the center channel is really spectacular, but better make it to spring for the risk avalanche. Reserved for high-level skiers.

Planell, pic Alt del Griu, excursions de muntanya hotel Univers Encamp Andorra


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