Vall del Madriu

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Situation : Les Escaldes
Time: 4h 00mn to get there.
Unevenness: 1.278 m.
Difficulty: Easy but long.


Vall del Madriu Ramio, excursions hotel Univers 

 Vall del Madriu estany de la Bova, excursions hotel Univers Encamp Andorra


Take the road and 1 km Engolasters find a crossroads. Turn right toward the Comella to cross the river Madriu. A few meters further, we find a sign indicating Ràmio il'estany Island, from where there is a path.

Take this paved road is well marked and goes slowly towards the bottom of the valley. Sassanat reach the bridge and cross the river to the right side where we find beautiful waterfalls. Follow the path, even up to the stone bridge Entremesaigües, which do not cross. On the left are a few huts and we follow the path up to Ramis, huts set some of them reconstructed.

On our left is the road that comes from the lake and Neck Jovell Engolasters. Continue going down the road, the valley narrows again and cross the Paso del Xic, protected by an iron railing. We will go by road to reach the shelter of Fontverd, where there is a plateau dominated by Tossa de Braibal to our left. A bit further up we come to Old Forge and Plan Ingla picturesque place where the river divides into several branches due to the low inclination of the terrain. Stunning views of the Sierra Sirvent and Pic of the quotation mark with its granite walls. At the eastern end of the Plan Ingla find refuge River of Orris. Gradually, we will leave the forest behind and overcome with bows stepped up to the fold where the fishermen have small lakes.


The pool of Bova right and we will pass in front of a stone hut. A gently overtaken by new loops will take us round the pond, which will be on your left. Then spotted the shelter and making the lake on the island. You must go back a little back up to the second largest lake in Andorra, dominated by peaks Ribuls, Pessons and Wolves. Andorra La Portella white, otherwise known as Tossa Plana de Lles Tosseta of Vallcivera and are not very far.

The best time of year to go is the Madriu with the onset of spring, but when autumn comes, the deciduous trees wear the gorgeous colors.

Andorra is the only valley that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has no road or trail that passes either partially or completely. Vall del Madriu.jpg


The Madriu-Perafita-Claror UNESCO World Heritage

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror is a cultural landscape, a joint work of man and nature highly exceptional with significant aesthetic, historical and cultural.


AgolsThe Madriu-Perafita-Claror is located southeast of Andorra, and occupies an area of 4,247 ha. This area, which coincides with the Madriu River watershed represents about 10% of the area of land is divided between Andorra and the parishes of Encamp, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julia de Loria and Scald .

Around this area has defined a peripheral zone of protection (buffer zone), which has an area of ​​4,092 ha. The sum of the surfaces of the central zone the peripheral zone represents almost a fifth of Andorra.

Like most of the European territory, the Madriu-Perafita-Claror not a virgin territory. The man has used the route is and has enjoyed for centuries, forming a landscape in which the mark is present everywhere.

According to Law 9/2003, the cultural heritage of Andorra, a cultural landscape is a " joint work of man and nature, which forms a coherent unit for their aesthetic, historical or cultural " .

The main uses of this area has been the farming (agriculture, livestock and forestry), steel and hydroelectric . As a result of these uses have survived numerous elements, integrated in a unique natural environment, are generators of the cultural landscape of the Madriu-Perafita-Claror .

Natural Heritage, the most prominent elements are the glacial geomorphology (U-shaped valley, glacial cirques, lake system, rock glaciers, ...), the highlands of Calm Claror, v egetació watered (marshes, riparian forests ... ) id Iversen threatened animal species (osprey, capercaillie, ptarmigan, owl Pyrenees, etc.)..

Cultural heritage, the set of elements linked to the traditional agropastoral activities are better distributed: huts (Rami Entremesaigües ...), terraces , shepherd's huts , pens , dry stone walls , ruined , etc.., to over a network of canals in growing areas. In the steel business remains outstanding Forge of Andorra (1,900 m), as well as numerous coal located in the forest. The hydroelectric power that began in the 1930s generated its own infrastructure, with two shots (and Ràmio Island) and driving underground communicates with Ràmio Engolasters lake.


World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004

Island PondIn 2004, UNESCO declared this valley a World Heritage Site in the category of cultural landscape , which includes only 84 goods worldwide. Now, Andorra us the opportunity to discover this treasure. A place that has been forged over time thanks to the harmony between nature and man.

This place is so loved by the Andorran an area that has remained intact structures of organization and management of space since medieval times. Different landscapes, dry stone walls, barns and cabins, cattle and uninterrupted presence of human stretching, unaltered, significant periods in the history of the people. Currently, livestock is the only traditional activity with a significant presence in the valley, which contributes essential to the maintenance of the cultural landscape of the area.


Natural Park  Comapedrosa

  Natural Park  Sorteny

 Natural Park Vall del Madriu

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