Peak d'Escobes


   Location: Valley Incles

Time: 3h 00mn round.

Altitude: 978 m.

Difficulty: Medium. d'Escobes 1.jpg d'Escobes.jpg

We left the campsite Incles Valley and follow the track that leads to the middle of a pine forest to reach the crossroads of Siscaró Juclar right and left, which take . Cross the river and start climbing zigzag between blocks. We'll cross the river at the height of the waterfall, a gateway to reach some meadows where we turn right to climb the foothills about where we find the ruins of the old shelter. In a few minutes walk to the dam first Juclar Lake, the largest of Andorra. Must go back by the right side. After recovery, far right, you will find refuge.


Lakeshore to follow a path but less marked, with signs and landmarks. Descent to the lake, and cross a walkway located between two lakes that are the same height, thus avoiding skirting the second. Follow the path up towards the neck Juclar, where we have a stunning view of the peak and the cylinder Escobar. When you get there turn right to reach the neck of the Dawn (2539 m.)


At this point, leave the trail down the slope Occitan and some goals that you will continue to the right that allow you to find the best steps between blocks and slabs of gneiss. Must not deviate from the goals and follow carefully because of the steep, reaching the peak of Noah. Down a bit to the neck of the peak of Escobar (2715 m.). Then we will climb to a runner with good shots where we find an incentive to steps II º pretty air to reach the top.


The peak Escobar, while not far from one of the highest peaks, is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Andorra.
Fantastic and wonderful views over the lakes and peaks Juclar around them. Pic d'Escobes.jpg



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