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Location: Cortals Encamp
Time: 2h 15mn round.
Altitude: 813 m.
Difficulty: Easy


 Pic del Cubil excursions hotel Univers Encamp Andorra


 Pic del Cuvil Hotel Univers Encamp Andorra

We drive to the valley Cortals Encamp and leave the car at the Funicamp I'estació middle of where we come out toward the pass of Enradort following a trail that passes through the left side of the creek, to find road widening gradually before reaching the pass of Enradort.

On arrival at the neck, head towards the peak Cubil we have in front and follow the easy ridge takes us to the summit. Just find a couple or three points where we have to climb a little but divert us some raffle along Cortals. The descent can do the following 110m we reach the peak Ensagents hard, but get the neck to turn Emportona, to return to Cortals Encamp. The ridge connecting the peak to peak Cubil Ensagents is quite complicated with steps III and IV º º.

Top with an excellent view over the lakes of the circle Pessons Deiss, the! Yaks and Ensagents of Emportona and the peak of the High Griu. In winter, with much to do with peak ski mountain, but following the route described down. Alt del Cubil.jpg

 Natural Park  Comapedrosa

  Natural Park  Sorteny

 Natural Park Vall del Madriu

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